Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heavens Pearly Gates

A School District Administrator suddenly appeared before  the Pearly Gates. In front of him was St Peter quietly reading from “The Great Book”. When St Peter finished reviewing the “The Great Book”, he asked the School Administrator “is there anything you have done in your life to merit admission into heaven?"
Thinking long and hard, the School Administrator replied "Well, one night as I left the high school I noticed a group of young men, four or five of them, I 'm sure, harassing a woman in a parking lot. I yelled at them to leave her alone”  but they didn’t stop.  So I ran over and approached the biggest kid in the group and shouted “Take your friends and get out of here now”. Neither he, or the others, moved so I grabbed him by his collar and punched him in the face. As he fell to the ground I yelled to the others, “Now back off and leave immediately”.

Wow” said St. Peter, “That was truly an act of a good Samaritan; however I did not see that action entered in The Great Book. When exactly did this event take place?" "About four minutes ago the School Administrator replied."

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