Thursday, January 6, 2011

What To Wear to the City Council Meeting

Bob Johnson was outraged after receiving his tax bill. He called City Hall and demanded his he be put on the agenda for the next City Council meeting. Bob wanted to appeal his proposed property tax assessment which he thought was totally outrageous.

A few days later he was informed that his request was approved. Bob immediately called his accountant and asked fro advice on what he should wear when he went before the city council. “Wear your shabbiest clothing. Let the city council think you are a pauper; show them that raising your taxes will pose an undue financial burden on you and your family" his accountant insisted.

Just to be on the safe side, later that day, Bob called his long time attorney and asked the same question. - What should I wear when I go before the City Council? His attorney gave him a completely different response. He said "The main thing is not to let any of those city council members intimidate you. Wear your most expensive suit and your most elegant tie. Look successful, talk confident and demand your property tax assessment be lowered or you will have no recourse but to sell your house and move to a more understanding and taxpayer friendly community."

Bob was now thoroughly confused. As he walked home that night he walked passed his church where his Priest was out in front tending his flowers. The priest could tell by Bob's walk that he was not his chipper self. "Bob what is the matter" the Priest asked. Bob explained his situation and the conflicting advice he received from his accountant and attorney. Bob then asked his Priest what he thought he should wear to the City Council meeting.

"Well Bob”, his Priest began, “let me tell you a story about a young woman - Margaret O'Malley who got married last summer - it was a beautiful wedding. However before the wedding Margaret asked her mother what she should wear on her wedding night." 'Be sure to wear your pink flannel nightgown the one with long sleeves and the high collar that goes all the way to your neck' her mother said. "Well to be on the safe side Margaret then went to her maid of honor and asked her what she thought she should where on her Wedding Night." Her Maid of Honor responded “Go to Fredericks of Hollywood and buy the sexiest negligee you can find - one with lots of silk and lace; and mist yourself with the most exotic perfume you can find".

"Wait a minute Father", Bob interrupted "what does this story about a young woman getting married and wanting to know what to wear on her honeymoon have to do with my going before the City Council next week to appeal property taxes?" "That's simple", replied the Priest. "It doesn't matter a damn thing what you wear. You like poor dear old Margaret can plan on getting screwed!"

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