Friday, August 26, 2011

Desireable Physical Characteristics of Male Local Public Officials

A study recently conducted by the League of Women Voters  revealed that there are two characteristics that women find attractive in male candidates running for local public offices (i.e. county board members, city council persons, school board members, township officers, village boards, parishes and boroughs, etc.).

The characteristics that attract women voters to a male candidate appear to differ significantly based on three primary factors:   the age of the woman, the marital status of the woman, and the income level of the woman.
It should come as no surprise that the League's year long research concluded that:

1) Younger, single and vibrant female voters with minimal financial responsibilities seem to be attracted to male candidates who are tall, broad-shouldered, and have rugged facial features.

2) Mature female voters, especially those nearing retirement age or those divorced and now a single head of a household, generally prefer male candidates running for local public office to be tied to a post, with duct tape over their mouths, a spear embedded deep in their chest, and waiting for the fire to be ignited.