Monday, December 5, 2016

The Old Man Who Was Speeding On a County Hwy

A County Deputy pulled over an elderly gentleman for speeding. The old guy was doing almost 20 miles over the legal speed limit. The Deputy asked to see the elderly driver's license then went back to his squad car to run a check on the license.  Incredibly this old man who had been driving for nearly 47 years never once been given a traffic citation.

Upon returning to the old man’s vehicle the Deputy said "I don’t want to spoil your driving record Sir so if you can give me any possible excuse why it was necessary for you to be driving 20 miles over the speed limit I will let you go with a warning".

Without batting an eye the old man looked at the Deputy and said "25 years ago my wife ran off with a Deputy from this County and when I saw you driving behind me I thought you were him trying to bring her back".

After laughing hysterically the officer replied. “Slow down old timer and have a nice day”.