Monday, August 9, 2010

Township Heros

A large manufacturing plant was ablaze and the raging fire was more than the City’s Fire Department could handle. A call for mutual aid was made and within minutes a nearby township had it's one and only truck on the way; however when the bystanders saw the old dilapidated truck driving up they all started to laugh. Their laughter soon stopped when the old truck sped right through the checkpoint and drove directly into the blaze.

Totally surrounded by fire, the small group of township fire fighters jumped off their truck and began spraying water in every direction. Within minutes they single handedly put out the blaze and saved the plant. The President of the manufacturing plant was so impressed with the township fire fighters he took out his personal checkbook and presented them with a check for $1000 to show his appreciation.

A news crew filming at the scene captured this act of generousity on film and the reporter ran over to the township fire fighters. He asked them what they were going to do with the $1,000 they just received. “Well, since our township board keeps cutting our maintenance budget to reduce the tax levy we’re going to use this money to buy new brakes for our rundown fire truck”.