Monday, November 26, 2012

The Township Officer Fortune

John, a single township officer, lived at home with his aging father and worked in the family's lucrative construction business.

One day his father turned gravely ill and John was informed by the family lawyer that John would inherit the family  fortune should his father pass.  Realizing he wasn't getting any younger and that he was not prepared to manage the family business as well as serve on the township board, John decided it was time for him to find a wife with whom he could share his life and start a family.

Not knowing how to get started with finding a wife, John joined a local singles dating club.  While at his first meeting, he met a stunning woman who took his breath away.  From the conversation they had, it seemed she had all the attributes John wanted in a wife. 
As the evening came to a close, John said, "I may look like an ordinary guy but I assure you I am a well established township officer with a great job.  My father, who is currently ailing, is expected to die in a few weeks and I have been informed that I alone stand to inherit the family fortune conservatively estimated to be worth approximately $22 million."  Impressed, the attractive woman asked for one of John's business cards.

Three days later, she stopped by the township hall.  John spotted her and asked the Township Chair if they could take a quick recess.  John ran over to her and asked what she was doing at the meeting.  She said, "I just stopped in to inform you that as of this morning, I am your new stepmother."

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