Thursday, November 15, 2012

How I Wound Up Working For Local Government

It was local government day and several students from the local high school civics class took a field trip to City Hall.  While at City Hall they were given a tour of many of the City Offices, they met with several members of the City Council and finally they had a brief meeting with the Mayor.

While meeting with the Mayor one of the students asked the Mayor how he wound up in local government.  The Mayor took a deep breath then said "Well when I was young I dreamt of going to medical school and becoming a Doctor.  I wanted to help people in need, unfortunately I did not pass the entrance exam. I remember that day so well."

My father had driven me to the University and all of us incoming students who wanted to enroll in the Medical program were brought into a large lecture hall. There were about 50 of us wanna be Doctors and we were all administered a one question test.

There were five letters on a piece of paper:  P N E S I.

We were told to rearrange these five letters to spell a part of the human body that is really not useful until it is totally erect.

Well, those students who spelt SPINE were admitted into the medical college and all as far as I know went on to become great Doctors. The rest of us had to choose different career paths and that's how I wound up going into local government and becoming Mayor.


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