Friday, February 4, 2011

The Phone Call

The newly elected Mayor arrived at city hall office early on the morning of January 2nd.  He wanted to bring in his personal effects to his new office before the employees and public arrived. While hanging pictures and plaques on the wall he noticed a man coming down the hallway headed straight for his office.

Wanting to create a good impression with the first visitor to his office the Mayor put down his hammer, jumped in his chair and picked up the phone. Immediaely, te began pretending he was negotiating a big deal for the city. He voice was loud and he spoke in a firm tone. He kept reminding the person on the phone to look at the big picture and assured him that his financial commitment to the city would pay big dividends for years to come. All the while he talked the visitor in his office waited politely.

Finally, the Mayor said, Thank you, I look forward to working with you.  After he put down the phone, he recognized his visitor and asked how can I help you? I’m with the phone company and I am here to connect your phone the visitor said.

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