Friday, January 28, 2011

The Murder Trial

A wealthy businessman’s son was on trial for murder; if convicted his son could receive the death penalty. It just so happened the businessman’s neighbor was assigned to this jury. Since his neighbor was the township board president officer the businessman came right out and asked neighbor if he would use his communication skills and powers of persuasion to influence the rest of the jury to come back with a “reduced charge” of manslaughter, not murder.

After the attorneys gave their closing arguments the jury was escorted to the jury room for deliberation. The jury deliberated for just over a week before returning to the courtroom with its verdict. The verdict it rendered was: Manslaughter.

Overjoyed the local business man sent his neighbor and township officer a Thank You card with a short note explaining his gratitude and a check for $5,000. A few days later the businessman’s received a letter from his town ship officer acknowledging the businessman’s thank note. osed was the $5,000 check. The township officer’s note said, I am returning your gift as that there is no need for such a gift it as it was pleasure to be of service. However I have got to tell you it wasn't easy convincing the rest of the jury to render a charge of manslaughter all eleven had initially voted not guilty.

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