Thursday, February 10, 2011

The County Nursing Home

A newly elected County Board Member campaigned on the platform of “No new taxes”.  Upon entering office he quickly discovered skyrocketing costs at the County’s nursing home and scheduled an appointment to meet with the Chief of Staff.

Not one to beat around the bush, he came right out and asked: "Doctor,  what criteria do you and your staff use to determine if a county resident should be admitted to our nursing home?  "Well," said the Doctor, "We normally meet with family members and ask lots of questons. If our interviews with the family prove  inconclusive, we fill a bathtub with warm water and bring the county resident in for questioning.  We stand near the sink where a teaspoon, a teacup and 3 gallon plastic bucket have all been put on display and then we ask the county resident to empty all the water out of the tub as quickly as possible.

"Oh, I get it said the new County Board Member, a normal person would take the plastic bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the cup." "No" said the said the Doctor "A normal person would just pull the drain plug."

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