Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Water

It was election time and a candidate running for the office of County Clerk went out to meet with potential voters. Eventually he arrived in a very secluded part of the rural county.  After introducing himself to the homeowner he was invited in and offered a cup of coffee. Upon receiving his coffee the candidate noticed a film like substance coating his cup and politely asked 'Is this cup clean?' "Sure" replied the homeowner "its as clean as cold water can get em".

After a few minutes the homeowner’s wife came out to join them  bringing them some cake she had made that morning. Again, the candidate noticed a film covering his plate plus tiny specks around the rim of the plate. 'I don’t’ mean to be rude the candidate asked but are you sure these plates are clean?' 'I swear that plate is as clean as cold water can get them said the wife  now don't fret, eat your cake'. As the candidate left the house the family dog started to growl and would not let the candidate off the porch. The candidate yelled back at the house “Excuse me can you see to your dog?'. The old man shouted from the screendoor! 'Coldwater, lay down and let that man along!

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