Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Odor In The Jail

The newly elected County Board Chairperson wanted to personally welcome the newly elected Sheriff. While at the Sheriff’s office he asked the Sheriff if he could have a brief tour of the Jail so he could gain firsthand knowledge of some of the issues affecting the jail. No problem said the Sheriff and he escorted the Board Chair through all areas in the Jail.

As they entered the area known as general population - the area which houses the majority of inmates a vile odor was immediately noticeable. At the ended of the tour County Board Chair commented on the foul smell in general population and strongly suggested the Sheriff have the inmates change their underwear. The Sheriff said he to smelt that stench and he would take care of it ASAP.
As soon as the County Chair left his office the Sherriff called in the Jail Administrator. He informed him of the pungent odor he and the county Chair detected in general population and instructed him to have all inmates in general population change their underwear. I'll get right on that said the jail administer and down to general population he went.

Once in general population he assembled all the inmates and said I have a special announcement. Our new Sheriff and the new County Board Chair just inspected the jail and they said you guys smell bad. They want all of you to change your underwear today. He continued, "So Pittman, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Katowski, and Rodriquez you change with Schultz."

Election results always seem to signal "Change", but you can’t always count on things to smell any better with new folks in office.

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