Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiscally Conservative County Supervisors

In order to prove their point about the need to cut expenses and save money, two very fiscally conservative county board members brought brown bag lunches to a county board meeting.  When the county board recessed for lunch, several board members left the courthouse and walked over to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  The two conservative board members with their brown bag lunches went along with their colleagues.

When all the board members were seated, a waitress came over and took their beverage orders.  Once the drinks arrived at the table, the two fiscally conservative county board members opened their brief cases, took out their brown bags, and began to eat their sandwiches.

Upon seeing this, the hostess of the restaurant ran over and informed the two of them - in a very stern voice - that they could not eat their own sandwiches in the restaurant!  The two tight wads looked at each other with disbelief, apologized to the hostess, said they know that, and then exchanged their sandwiches

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