Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Average Local Public Official

The more we know about local public officials, the better we can understand how they think. Below are ten interesting, yet totally superfluous, tidbits of information regarding . . .

"Local Public Officials" . . .

the men and women who serve our townships, villages, counties, cities, parishes, boroughs, school boards, and special operating authorities across America.
The Average Local Public Official:

1)    Is 54 years of age.

2)    Is married.

3)    Is retired, semi-retired, or self-employed.

4)     Is a high school graduate with two additional years of

        higher education or training.

5)    Cannot lick his or her "left elbow."

6)    Has an annual income greater than $45,000.

7)    Has two or more children (the actual statistical mean

       is 2.6 children).

8)    Has lived in his or her community for over 18 years.

9)    Will serve two complete terms in public office.

10)  Since reading this article, has tried to lick his or her

       left elbow twice.

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