Monday, November 22, 2010

Western State Law Enforcement Mystery

Two sheriff’s deputies, out in a western state, were patrolling an extreme rural part of the county when they spotted an elderly American Native gentleman lying on his stomach alongside the gravel road with his ear pressed close to the ground.

The younger deputy looked at his senior partner and said "You see that? I bet he's listening to the ground. I’ll bet he can hear things for miles in all directions."

The two deputies park their vehicle and begin to slowly walk towards the man. As they got near the elderly American Native looked up at the two deputies and whispered faintly: "Ford Explorer, 12 miles away, traveling north. Man, woman, two children, dog. Towing a big red camping trailer."

"Incredible!" says the younger deputy "Not only can this man tell us how far away the vehicle is, he knows what make of vehicle it is, who the occupants inside the vehicle are, which direction the vehicle is traveling and that it is towing a big red camper trailer. My God this is truly amazing!"

The American Native looked up again at the two deputies and said in a louder voice, "No, No! It ran me over about 15 minutes ago."

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