Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Old Dear Abby Column Local Public Officials May Find of Interest

Dear Abby,

Last year I was diagnosed with cancer. While attending my chemo therapy sessions I met a truly wonderful woman, a public health nurse who works at the medical clinic. 

Since the doctors now say my cancer is in total remission I would like to ask this woman to marry me woman; however she comes from a very stable home and has a prestigious job; unfortunately, I do not. 

My parents divorced when I was four and we were raised first in foster homes then with various relatives throughout the state.  No one in the family has seen or spoken to our parents in years.

I have two brothers and two sisters. My older brother works for the County Highway Department and my young brother is serving a seven year stretch in a federal prison for internet fraud. My youngest sister, I am sad to say, is a prostitute and my older sister and her boyfriend are crack head junkies who make meth and sell it to earn money.

All things considered, I truly love this woman and believe we are soul mates. I want to be totally open and honest with her regarding my family so my question is should I tell her my oldest brother works for the County Highway Department?

Worried My Brother’s Job May Ruin My Marriage

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