Sunday, March 19, 2017

Elected Official's Marital Problems Averted

A married County Board member began having an affair with one of the secretaries in the courthouse. One day their passions overcame them and they left the courthouse in the afternoon to spend time together at her apartment.

Exhausted from their afternoon’s activities they both fell asleep on her bed and awoke around 8PM. As the County Board member began putting his clothes on he asked his lady friend to take his shoes outside and thoroughly rub them through the grass in the backyard several times.

Though somewhat confused by his request, she did as told and rubbed his shoes over and over again in the tall grass in the backyard. When she returned he put his shoes on, kissed her, said good-bye and jumped in his car and drove home.

When the County Board member arrived home his wife was furious. She said she had called the courthouse several times during the afternoon and early evening hours and no one had seen him or knew where he was. She demanded to know where he had been.

Darling he said – I can’t lie. I met a woman and we have been having an affair. This afternoon we went to her house and spent the afternoon there. I fell asleep in her bed and did not wake up until after 8PM. 

The wife glanced down at his shoes and said – Liar!. You have been out playing golf again haven’t you?

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