Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is It or Isn't It?

The County Board Chair had just returned from a six-week vacation to Florida and there was a County Board meeting scheduled at 4PM.   Being the conscientious person he was, he arrived at the courthouse early, around 2PM.   He wanted to walk around the building to make sure all was okay and also to touch base with a few key people to find out if anything significant happened while he was away.

His first stop was the Zoning Department where he met with the Zoning Director.   Immediately the Zoning Director asked, “Have you met Nookie Green our new Public Health Nurse?" 
"No, why?" asked the County Board Chair.   "She is definitely a knockout; wait till you meet her."

After leaving the Zoning Department, the County Board Chair walked down to the Veteran's Service Office and met with the VA coordinator.  The first thing the VA Coordinator asked was, “Have you met Nookie Green yet?” 
No," said the Board Chair, "Why?" 
"She is absolutely gorgeous the VA Coordinator replied.
Finally, the Board Chair went to the Treasurer's Officer to speak with the County Treasurer.   The Treasurer immediately asked, "Have you met Nookie Green yet?" 
"No," he replied.
"Well, wait till you do – she will blow you away ... she is just so stunning it is unbelievable."

Well, it was getting close to 4PM so the County Board Chair made his way to the board room.   As he took his seat and began to lay out his board meeting documents, he could not help but notice a tall, voluptuous, drop-dead gorgeous redheaded woman enter the board room.  Immediately the eyes of every man in the board room focused on her as she slowly sashayed to a seat up in the front row.

She was wearing an attractive, form-fitting, short, bright green dress with matching, shiny (patent leather) emerald-green shoes.   When she sat down, she sat with her legs slightly parted and it appeared to the County Board Chair that she wasn't wearing any under garments.

Flabbergasted, the County Board Chair turned slowly to the  Board colleague on his right and whispered, "Look at that redheaded woman in the front row -  is that Nookie Green?" 
Appearing shocked by the question, his  colleague looked up at the woman for a few seconds then calmly turned to the Board Chair and whispered ..."No, I think that's just a reflection from her shoes."

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