Friday, October 24, 2014

Should Local Public Officials Know All The State Capitals?

One of the large states on the east coast was hosting its' annual Mayor's convention. Mayor's from all over that state came to attend the convention. At the end of the first day's workshops several of the Mayors decided to stop in the hotel's lounge to enjoy a relaxing adult beverage and mingle with some of their colleagues.

Within minutes of gathering in the lounge, one of the Mayors - and older gentleman who was a long time office holder from a very small and rural city - began bragging to his younger colleagues about all the knowledge he acquired during his numerous years serving as Mayor.

"Why," he said, "I know all of the state capitals." Go ahead." he dared the other Mayors, "ask me, the capital of any state and I will tell you - cause I know em all."

Tired of listening to this guy bragging, another Mayor, a much younger Mayor sitting a few bar stools down, said, "OK, what's the capital of Montana?"

That's easy said the Mayor "M". 

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