Friday, August 8, 2014

The New Traffic Camera

A new city council member voted against the Police Chief’s request to install traffic cameras throughout the city.  One night as he was driving home he thought he saw the saw the flash of a camera mounted on a pole when he passed through an intersection.
He instinctively thought this must have been one of the new traffic cameras that the Police Chief had recently installed.  He reasoned his picture was taken because he was either exceeding the speed limit or he ran a traffic light; however, he knew he wasn't speeding and did not run the traffic.

Just to be sure, the city council member went turned around the block and once again passed the same spot; this time, driving even slower. Again the traffic camera flashed again.

The City Council member began to think that this was quite funny, so he drove around the block a third time and again the camera would flash.

Having so much fun, he tried driving around the intersection a fourth time with the same results. On his fifth time, he drove at a snail's pace and looked straight at the camera and laughed when it flashed. 

Approximately two weeks later, when the city council member arrived home he had five traffic tickets in the mail - all were for driving without a seat belt.

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