Friday, August 9, 2013

Does Serving In Local Government Affect Your Judgment and Decision-Making Ability? your

The wife of a local elected official was concerned because her husband was thinking about running for his fourth term in local government.  She was concerned because she was beginning to believe that his serving so long in local government was beginning to affect his decision-making ability.
While visiting with her family doctor during her annual physical, she explained her concerns to her doctor, asking if a person serves many terms in public office can it affect their judgment and decision-making ability?  Her doctor explained it very well could; however, there was a simple test she could perform at home to actually see if her husband’s judgment and decision-making process was affected by serving so many terms in local government.
He said, “Tonight when you go home fill your bathtub half-way with water.  On the edge of the tub place a teaspoon, a coffee cup, and a two-gallon plastic bucket.  When your husband comes home, ask him to empty the tub the fastest way he can."

The wife said, “Oh, I understand – If he chooses the bucket because it would be the fastest way to empty the tub – faster than the spoon or the teacup - then there is no problem with him running for a fourth term in public office.”  

"No,” replied her Doctor.  If he pulls the drain plug and asks what do you want me to do now dear, then serving in public office has not affected his judgment."

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