Monday, July 8, 2013

The Irate Taxpayer and The City Council Member

An irate taxpayer walked into a bar following a city council meeting. He had attended the city council meeting to ask the council for a zoning variance to build a wooden deck on his new house. The city council disapproved his variance.

He is about to order his drink when he sees the city council member who made the motion not to approve his variance walk into the bar. The taxpayer shouts over to the bartender so loud everyone can hear, especially the city council member and yells, "Drinks for everyone bartender, accept that damn city council member at the end of the bar. "

Soon after everyone's drink was served, the city council member gives the guy a big wave, smiles and says, "Thank you!" which infuriates the taxpayer even more.

A few minutes pass and once again the taxpayer shouts out "Drinks for everyone bartender, except for the damn city council member.

As before, this does not seem to bother the city council member. He again smiles and yells, "Thank you!"

The taxpayer once again loudly shouts, "Drinks for everyone except the city council member." 

As before, the city council member city smiles and again yells, "Thank you!"

The taxpayer calls the bartender over and asks, "What the hell is the matter with that  city council member? I have ordered three rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar accept him, and all that idiot does is smile and thank me. Is he nuts or what?"

"No," replies the bartender. "He owns the place".

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