Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saving Money With Local Government Construction Costs Tip # 1

From my experience, there is only one thing many local government officials dislike more than setting an annual budget and that is having to expend funds for new construction projects or rehabilitating older facilities that have worked fine for the last 75 years.

To help you, as a public official, avoid spending large sums of money on new construction, we are going to share tips that were actually used by other local and municipal governments in the past. 

Below is a tip that was used in a city hall to avoid expanding the men's bathroom.

According to the city council members, this tip involved three things.

           1)  Utilizing existing space in the restroom better,

          2)  Minimizing the need to run water lines great distances,

          3)  Making it easy and faster for custodial staff to clean lavatory fixtures.

If you know of any great ways local governments were able to save money on their new construction or remodeling projects, will you please let us know?

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