Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Village President's Annual Physical

Upon arriving for his annual physical, the village president of a small community in a western state was greeted by a newly hired physician.   His regular doctor was unavailable and this young doctor was asked to fill in.   

Not personally knowing the village president, the young doctor took a few minutes to get acquainted.   He asked the village president to describe his typical daily activity level. 
Thinking for a moment, the village president responded,  "That’s a hard question Doc, but if I had to describe a typical day, it would probably go something like this:  wading along the shoreline of a spring fed lake, marching up and down steep hills over and over again, running away from a pack of wild dogs that hide in the thick brush, walking through a patch of poison ivy, crawling out of mud pits that feel like quicksand, and jumping away from poisonous and aggressive rattlesnakes."
"Wow!" said the young doctor.  "I guess you are some big time outdoors man?"
"No," replied the village president.  "I'm just a terrible golfer."

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