Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Brain Trusters and Natural Born Citizens

Every community across the county has a small group of residents who meet daily at one of the local coffee shops. These groups tend to be comprised mainly of men who are either retired or self-employed.  People who live in the area {especially every local public official} are aware of "their local group" because they proclaim to be the experts on everything. They believe they know what is wrong and who screwed it up.

Generally these groups are given affectionate names like the "the good ole boy club" or the one I like best "the local brain trust'

Ironically no one in the community can actually recall when the, brain trust resolved anything or did anything good for the community;  that's because the brain trust doesn't focus on solving problems, its delight comes from only identifying problems and then deciding who should be blamed.  Sometimes the brain trust takes on the problems in the State and national government but their primary focus and real thrill comes from finding local problems - problems in the cities and counties they live and the school boards that serve their communities. 

On one particular day the brain trust was discussing the qualifications to run for President of the United States.  Some  members in the brain trust believed that two of the existing requirements to run for President: 

      a) Be a natural born citizen, and

      b) Be at least 35 years of age

were outdated and may only serve only to prevent capable people from running for President.  One long time member of the brain trust - named Charlie - one of the more vocal members of this group openly stated the requirement to be a natural born citizen was totally unfair and down right discriminatory.

Few of the other brain trust members agreed with Charlie on this point and none were ready to concede to eliminate this requirement which really upset Charlie something fierce.

Charlie couldn't take it any more and finally shouted out: What makes a natural born American citizen any more qualified to lead this country than an American citizen who was born by C-section?"

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