Monday, September 13, 2010

The Oldest Profession

It was a hot August Saturday afternoon; most of the staff and many of the elected officials from city hall were at a city park enjoying their annual summer picnic. The Medical Examiner, the City Engineer and the Mayor were sitting at a picnic table and each was enjoying a refreshing beverage. While they sat and sipped their beverages they became engaged in a lively discussion as to which one of their professions was really the oldest profession.

The Medical Examiner spoke first and said, "Gentleman, let us not forget that on the sixth day God took a single rib from Adam and made Eve; therefore it is clear that God was the first surgeon and thus you’ll have to admit that medicine is the oldest profession."

The Civil Engineer quickly interrupted and said "Not so fast Doc. Remember before that day God had already created heaven and earth from chaos and confusion; therefore you’ll have to concede that God was really the first engineer. Therefore, engineering is obviously the oldest profession" After tipping his can up in the air and savoring the last drop the Mayor slowly wiped his lips and quitely said "But who gentlemen do you think created all of the chaos and confusion that God had to deal with?"

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